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Peter Holdroyd

Aah! so very right. Just this week, in the very small group of writers (all ex UEA Creative Writing students) to which I belong, which has been together since 12th January, 2004, after our last course ended, one of our number took huge exception to a critique of her work, and has left the group in a huff. And we've been critiquing each others' work all that time.
Such a pity she hadn't read your blog and had a sharp reminder of what a critique is all about. We need to be honest about our opinion, whilst trying not to hurt feelings.
Anyway, her departure means there are only four of us left, and we're thinking of trying to attract a few new members.


Criticism has always been hard for me, but, as I have grown with my writing, I have realized how much "taking it" has improved my style.


I just wanted to let you know that I realllyyy hate you. I've tried not to - but god damn it, it's hard. The reason? i LOVED Disobendence. It's now one of my all time fav books... on my humble shelf your up there with Zoe Heller and Lionel Shivel. The hate bit comes in because I'm actually a very nice person. i HAVE to lend the books I love to all my friends and well... because I don't want to lose my first copy I end up buying about two copies of the same book. And i can't wait to read your new book... about bloody time too missy!!!


Nothing to do with your latest blog, but I really enjoyed listening to you on Front Row tonight - it was like getting onto the phone to an old friend. I look forward to reading your new book.

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