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I agree with you, I think, for the most part.

Actually I was having something like this conversation watching The Wright Stuff with my sister, and I remembered the arguement that as well as the fact that homeless people have as much right to decide what to with there money as anyone (hell, if they're willing to *beg* I think they've earned it), but also that if you are homeless you don't have as many choices when it comes to purchases. If you sleep on the street it's much better to buy whisky or smack that lampshades or lentils. Spirits keep you warmer than soup.

And charities are great, but I've worked for charities and sometimes it's nice to know your money is going right to the source.


Quinn refuses to give money to homeless people, but if she's near a shop she'll buy them food. I know it's still somewhat patronising, but it's definitely a preferable alternative.

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I've given money many times to a homeless person. "For the least of these you do, you do for me" if a motto I try to follow.

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