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judith katz

Alderman-- Disobedience is a beautiful book! I wish I had written it myself. You go girl.


A (non-Jewish) friend just gave me your book and I loved it! I don't have TV, secular newspapers, etc. so somehow I missed it :) I'm a BT and live in a Chassidishe community. One friend I lent the book to got very angry about it and said she just KNEW you couldn't have grown up frum. Hmmm. Anyhow, are you coming to the states at all? How is your new book coming along?

Heather Mendel

Kol Hakavod!

"Disobedience" is the most satisfying novel I have read in a long time.Thank you SOOOO much. I have recommended its reading to the bookclubs of which I am a part, and to the congregation of the the Temple my husband leads as Rabbi.

Your storytelling ability is remarkable— using few, carefully chosen words, you paint vivid, moving canvases for your readers. The language is simple, easy to follow and belies the profundity of your thoughts.

As a woman, a rebbetzin and a mystic, I loved everything about this book and the way you open Jewish teachings to a wider world. Mazal Tov:-)))

I would love to write a comment on Amazon if it will be beneficial:-))

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