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Just heard your interview on radio 4, thought it went really well :)
I loved "Disobedience" and am really pleased to discover your blog - lots of mini doses of your writing, wonderful!

Jessica Ayers

I've just read about your short story on the Beeb.
Which reminded me how fantastic I thought Disobdeience was, which led me here looking to see if you'd written anything else yet!
Oh well, I suppose I'll have to wait for the next novel...
Congrats on the nomination for the Beeb award.


Jessica Ayers

Um, Disobedience.
My spellcheck is being very disobedient.

Dickon Edwards

Loved your short story. It was my favourite of the shortlist this year and I was rooting for it to win. I am now off to buy 'Disobedience' as a result.


Me too, I really enjoyed your story, shame it didn't win :(


I picked up Disobedience yesterday before I started work at Winchester Cathedral. It was FREEEEEEEEZING in there. Page after page your book kept me company in the most dreary and cold conditions you could imagine.

I finished it today with a sigh of relief as now I don't have to wake up tomorrow anxious about cancelling my days plans so I can read :)

Absolutely superb and well done!


Aw, thank you. What a lovely set of comments. And thanks Jessica - I'm so glad you enjoyed the novel! Hope you like the next one too :-)

Angela Wayne

I just loved this piece - I lived it, in fact I was brought up in the Suburb and Highgate and recognise your story, which gave me a warm feeling. I may have been a wild child once, although I am now sort of 'respectable', but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Would my mother were alive to make her chicken soup for me. As she isn't, G-d bless Nissim and his like. am coming to Shoreditch Book Salon on 28th and so hope I get to meet you.All the best, Angela x

Katherine Bright-Holmes

Do you have a link to the piece you wrote on Hendon? Thank you, and many congratulations on your new book - a true accomplishment. Best, Katherine

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