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Brian Keaney

Try going to your doctor and suggesting he put you on a very low dose amitriptyline. It's an anti-depressant in normal dosage. However, they have found that in very low doses it is effective as a prophylactic for migraine and chronic tension headache. It seems to have no real side effects except that when you begin to take it, it can make you a bit sleepy. However, your body adjusts to this and soon the effect fades. (You sleep really well at night though and that's a plus). It has transformed my life.

Enjoyed your story in Prospect, btw.

Auntie Judith

You poor thing. Do you ever see flashy things (technical term scintillating scotomata)before or during? I have done, and I can see why people have thought they were the battlements of heaven. I'd write more but I'm just off to save France.

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