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Hi Naomi

I just thought I would say thank you for writing Disobedience and also The Lessons - I enjoyed them both.

I am also enjoying your Twitter feed (my username is @jessicapatient) at the moment. Are you going to blog about the writing process for the Dr Who book? I have never read one before.


Thanks Jessica! In fact, I am going to blog about that process *this very week*... watch this space :-)

charles beckett

Thanks for reminding me of something incredibly important. Much more important than being 'right'. And thanks for doing it so eloquently.


So.. you do not criticise Israel, and you respectfully disagree with those who do. Did I get it right?

(I looked up your blog after enjoying Disobedience. Great book. Thanks).


Hah, not quite Irit! I criticise some of the actions of Israel, but not its right to exist. I respectfully disagree with either side in that situation to the extent that they think they have right entirely on their side.

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