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It maybe treading to heavily on dictating the workout, but I could see the story driving interval workouts. Motivating you to speed up for specific stretches followed by resting or slower running.

I funded it through kickstarter and can't wait to see the results!


Another kickstarter here; I envisioned using the phones GPS to encourage you to speed up when necessary, and the story to provide the encouragement/motivation; much like interval training. The story could change depending on if you can keep up. If you are going too slow, the zombies get you, then you die; or become a zombie who has to "chase" humans.
This story arc could easily be built to existing interval training schemes such as Couch25k, etc.


Very excited about this - a friend posted on FB so I went to check it out and funded on KS (my first funding)! Can't wait to try it out - have a hard time getting motivated to run and this will definitely make it fun and interactive! GREAT idea!


This is so bloody exciting! Fab that the funding is doing so well too!

And can totally imagine a version for the Up & Running 5K course further down the line! ;)


I'm over in the states and I learned about this through a Wired article. I'm a runner and a gamer that uses the Nike app...boring.

This is a great idea! I've already pre-ordered and I'm very excited to see what comes about! I told my roomate and he's going to purchase a shirt and pre-order.

Way to truly think outside the box! Love!


Hey, I'm Emma. Great blog, and also I go to South Hampstead High School, and I heard you do too!!!! Your a great author, I'm a fan.


Such an awesome idea! I'm a runner and gamer, myself - we actually built a running platform that also follows the same arc of "running as a game" :) You should stop by the site and check it out. You might find our About page especially entertaining to read... there are zombies involved http://smashrun.com/about

Su Bristow

I listen to stories when I'm using my rowing machine. Two miles takes 17-20 minutes; the Archers is a little too short!

Also heard you on Front Row about games; good to hear them being taken a bit more seriously.

Juri Peterson

Zombies, Run! is my FAVORITE new running app! It's re-invogorated my training for half marathons. Thank you!


Is there any plan for an Android version?

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